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Committed to Health & Safety of Workers, Build Sustainable Environment and Focus on Community Empowerment





Responsible mining is our basic motto. We understand that we are responsible for our impacts on environment. Hence, we believe that maintaining ‘healthy balance sheet’ is not only about delivering superior returns to our stakeholders but also safeguarding the environment and protecting the health and well-being of our people.

To improve and maintain sustainability, we adhere to the international mining standards and other relevant statutory requirements of the countries where we operate. As we commit to zero harm to people and environment, our senior management integrates and monitors sustainability framework across all the activities.

Sustainability Framework


Occupational health and safety of our people is our primary responsibility. We provide exclusive training and equip people with safety kits, tools and create awareness about safety protocols and standards. Zero harm to our people is our motto. The same is inculcated and the culture is nurtured in every operation of the company. We have a risk management framework to tackle unexpected emergencies. We regularly monitor and audit the safety standards and measures.


At Supreme, we adhere to the international standards at every process. We follow, monitor and audit the standards that support sustainable development to ensure safety of our workforce, environment, and community. We adopt standard technologies during the exploration, mining and processing.


Being responsible mining company, we understand the impacts to the environment with mining. Hence, we strive to minimise the impact, and ensure that all our operations are energy ecient. As international standards are in place, we continuously work towards protecting environment by being compliant to environmental regulations of the countries we operate. Our strategic waste management and risk management frameworks, help build sustainable environment

The exploration and mining activities of Supreme Minerals Corporation, in Sierra Leone, are governed by Sierra Leone environmental legislation and regulations, including Mines and Minerals Act, 2009. The management, on a regular basis, received reports on environment performance from each operating site. It ensured that all the mandatory requirements of environmental regulations are complied with in all the operations without any deviation.


We recognise that long-term success of any business depends on the well-being of the community we live around. Hence, Supreme gives paramount importance to community development not only from business perspective, but exhibits a human touch in our day to day work. We ensure community welfare with development activities such as establishment of schools, providing livelihood and construction of health centres. We strive to build self-sustaining communities as we strongly believe that our people are our strength.
The sustainability philosophy of the Supreme Minerals Corporation drives towards building valued and long-term relationships with both the local and national governments in West Africa and communities. Being in operative business for over 3 years in Sierra Leone, the Supreme Minerals Corporation has built strong relationships with the local communities. The regular meetings create an opportunity to engage with the stakeholders and share the progress of the Lablama Project. We get to connect with the Members of Parliament, members of local Chiefdom structures, local Government, NGOs, landowners and the public at such meetings. Through this platform, the communities provide us their feedback on the developments.


Being socially responsible, we understand the employment needs of the local communities in Sierra Leone. The Lablama Project of Supreme Minerals Corporation is likely to generate about 300 direct local employment. Through the skills-transfer programmes, more and more local community will be benefitted. With the local people acquiring job skills, this number will go up further.


Supreme Minerals Corporation focuses on improving the overall well-being of the communities in the business operation areas. As the Project progresses and the production capacity swells up, the Corporation will invest more and more in community development activities. The initiatives will encompass providing better school education facilities, construction of community centres, local medical health centres, encouraging education for women and empowering them with employment by providing training. In addition to these, Supreme Minerals Corporation will invest extensively in procuring basic infrastructure, expanding roads and digging water wells. Thus, it aims at making local communities self-reliant.


Infrastructure development projects include

  • Construction and maintenance of a school
  • Sponsoring education for women in the communities
  • Construction of access road and bridge – providing greater access for both producers and consumers in local villages
  • Construction of a medical clinic and water facilities
  • Providing buildings and infrastructure such as furniture to communities
  • Conducting dredging programs to mitigate the environmental impact and also encouraging the community to benefit financially from gold panning
Children Education
Women Education
Medical Camp
Road Works